August 2012 Home Page Archive

Thanks to a monumental cluster fuck,
all of the links on this page are dead and gone.
But you can still look at the pretty pictures.

A Good Show with Good Friends makes for a Great Night

August 23, 2012

The show last night would qualify as EPIC.
Check out of some pics we took:

Mother Nature, I have 2 favors to ask you.

If these two go on tour for their honeymoon, please do us a solid and hit their tour bus with a tornado?

It is August and you keep teasing me with these cooler days and overcast skies.
Can you just make it Fall already?


August 22, 2012

Me, The Roman, Johnny Cobra and The Aaron are going to see Refused tonight:


Click, but it is NSFW:

Click to read OpEd from Michael Moore & Oliver Stone about
Wikileaks & Julian Assange:

Here is a Funny Comic I found about WikiLeaks and Anonymous:

This kind of shit scares me:

From the The Roman, this isn't funny. But it is kind of funny:

This is a pretty good list:

Good Advice:

A positive message:

Meme of the Day:

The Devil Always Gets His Due

August 21, 2012

Thanks to Representative Todd Akin, we now have
Legitimate Proof that the Republicans are waging war on Women.

By now, everyone has heard what this shit bag has said about rape:

I could rant for hours on this fuck and The GOP, but I won't.
Instead, I want you to click the pic below to check out everything has to say about it:

Here's some stuff about & for The GOP/Tea Party/Republicans

As demonstrated in the video below, Todd Akin is just another in a long line of Republican Misogynists.

Oh, that Paul Ryan

What to do today, hmmmmmm?

August 20, 2012

I never really liked board games too much.
But I did kind of like Hungry Hungry Hippos.
So I thought it would be fun to try that in real life.
But that didn't work out so well for everyone:

After we escaped the Hippos, my heart was really pumping.
I wanted to take on another of mother nature's creatures.
So I tried my hand at Bullfighting:

When I got home from the hospital, I thought I'd try my hand at some science.
I busted out the old Gene Splicing kit.
But that had some unforeseen results:

Well, after I was done burning that creature, I thought bowling sounded fun.
But I didn't want to leave the house.
So we made our own bowling alley:

Now, what to do tomorrow....


August 19, 2012

IKEA 1, Me 0.

The Trees look angry today, worse than yesterday

August 18, 2012



Because why else does anyone do anything?

Click it to see Kerry King Approve:

Click to find out who this is:

We sing songs that we don't know the words to.

August 17, 2012

We gonna offend somebody...

Are you gonna be delicious or are you going to be a survivor?

August 16, 2012

New News You Didn't Know You Needed To Know

From the command center, Operative X  and nosajmunson bring you
news you should know about.

From The Desk of Operative X

"If there were just more guns, then somebody could’ve stopped the massacre in the Denver theatre".
Someone like this guy:

Tell Flo from Progressive to shove it...‏

Why It really pays to be rich...‏

It's spoiled at the top...‏


From nosajmunson's thinking machine

ICP & their fans give dumb fucks a bad name:

Would you get a tattoo on your asshole?
This girl did and it was her boyfriend's name.
The really funny part here is that this is the 3rd guys name she's had tattooed on her bum-hole:

If you love Merica, then do we have a new blog for you:

You look Tasty

FACT - We don't hack celebrity cell phones for free

August 15, 2012

Around the Horn

~Sporky Romano~

~From Darth Tom~

~From BadMojo~

"This is my new favorite thing"
Mo Farah Running Away From Things:

~From Gavin on our Facebook page~

"Thought you'd appreciate"


Here is a rad new Doctor Who site I found on Tumblr:

And Speaking of Doctor Who....


Do you know what the Ningen are?
Have you ever watched Neon Genesis Evangelion?
Click to read more from our Tumblr Blog:


Here are some new things I made recently:

The Beautiful, Smart, Deadly, Wonderful Jedi Princess Ninja.

August 14, 2012

So for you my dear, here is some Daft Punk:

A Good Concert is Made Great when you Go with Good Friends

The Roman, The Chrish, The Aaron and I all went to Maiden last night in Denver.
And as usual, Maiden kicked some ass.
They played all their gems like Run to the Hills, The Trooper, Wasted Years, Aces High, Number of the Beast,
2 Minutes to Midnight
and Fear of the Dark.
They also busted out some lesser known but still great songs like
Seventh Son of a Seventh Son & The Phantom of the Opera!
It was a great show!
Here is a slideshow with some of the pics I took:


This is so EPIC, your computer might burst from looking at it too long:

But let's kick it up a notch....I'm not sure teh internets can handle it:


August 13, 2012


Hope to have Pics & Vids tomorrow for you maybe.

Truth in Advertising

If logos told the truth about their companies.
Click this for more:

Only thru can you achive a power
greater than any Jedi

August 12, 2012


By now, everyone on Earth knows that Mitt Romney has picked Paul Ryan
to be his VP running mate in the 2012 Presidential Election.
So, I am just going to sum up my reactions with this pictures:

The Dynamic Duo, fighting for the 1% to put an end to The Evil Middle Class:

Star Wars lulz and Stuff


Goodbye Olympics XXX. It's been fun.

It's Birthday Day for many in the ihatepeacocks family

August 11, 2012

Happy Birthday to BadMojo:

Happy Birthday to Agent Mulder:

Happy Birthday to The Dark Lord of the Sith, Ian McDiarmid:

Happy (belated) Birthday to Super Fan Adrianne Curry

Happy (Belated) Birthday to the one and only Michael Biehn:

Happy Anniversary to My Love.
After 19 years, I still wanna do bad things with you.

August 10, 2012

Good Music

Here are some new songs I've come across lately that are worth sharing.
Clicky Click the album art to enjoy:

And here are some great songs that I haven't listened to lately, so I decided to dig them up:


This is a real headline. Click it if you don't believe me:


Found this awesome new site,
Click these to check it out:


Here is a movie, from David Cronenberg's son, that looks truly disturbing:


Picture of the Day:


And the world counts loudly to ten...

August 9, 2012

The World is filled with some myopic people

First off, this is a great quote from Rollins:

We posted this (originally from the gang at The Wrong Stuff) on our Facebook page.
 But I was really surprised at some of the narrow minded comments people made.
Here are a few (I cropped the myopic comments together):

Now, we have some rad fans and they stood up for equality & equal rights like champs with their responses.
So to those fans on our Facebook page that responded to the people above,
We Salute You.

I am not a master word-smith by any stretch.
But, Operative X is. 
So, from Op X, here is our official response to these comments (which we also put on Facebook):

"These logical leaps and false equivalencies miss the point.
If someone agrees with or rejects gay marriage,
it doesn’t mean they’re either “hetero-phobic” or “homophobic.”
Also, someone disagreeing with you is not equal to someone trampling your civil liberties,
despite what FOX News may say.
Calling someone intolerant because they disagree with intolerance is circular and childish.
Let’s focus the debate – denying benefits to a particular group while others freely enjoy them is discrimination.

Consider the benefits of marriage – tax and estate benefits, social security, health benefits, beneficiary allowances, ‘family’ neighborhood zoning, adoption, marital privilege, etc., or in the event of divorce, right to child custody or alimony – and they are desirable.
Now to the contrary – why oppose gay marriage and access to these rights?
The most prevalent argument seems to be “immorality” as divined
from loose interpretations of anachronistic religious doctrine.

So I suggest trying this - I’d like those in the opposition to sound off on why they disagree with allowing gays to marry, sans the “My God tells me this” reasoning.
I’d like to know what arguments you have left to deny a gay person equal rights.
And before anyone starts down the “marriage is an inherently ‘moral and sanctified’ activity based on tradition and the illogical reasoning of love” path – please consider Henry VIII, Anna Nicole Smith, and the modern American divorce rate.

Please, go to our Facebook page and leave us a comment if you think you have some valid reason
against gay marriage. fully supports our LGBT brothers & sisters.
We believe that anyone should have the right to marry the person they love regardless of gender.

Around the Horn

\From Darth Tom/

"There are to many Nic Cage moments to make a top 10 list..."


\From OlmTreeHomeSted/

This could be fun:


\From Operative X/

Read this crap on the Rockies...

I especially like this paragraph (which really makes me hate the direction the Rockies have gone):

Rockies GM Dan O'Dowd has been alternately brilliant and bizarre over his 14-year tenure.
He got the team to the World Series in 2007.... But in 2006 he admitted to wanting only players who were committed Christians, and this June he conceived and implemented the project, which he also calls a 'paired pitching system.'

Reminds me somehow of Pedro Cerrano from my favorite baseball movie, Major League:

“Bats, they are sick. I cannot hit curveball. Straight ball I hit it very much. Curveball, bats are afraid.
I ask Jobu to come, take fear from bats. I offer him cigar, rum. He will come.”

Pitcher Eddie Harris: “You know you might think about taking Jesus Christ as your savior
instead of fooling around with all this stuff.”

Pedro: “Jesus, I like him very much..but he no help with curveball.”

Well, at least in Major League, the Indians made the Playoffs.

If you think you know "Major League" then take this quiz:


\From Kat Von Rad/

The Walking Dead Season 3 poster, click for the full size version:


This young man has a congenital heart defect and has been denied being
put on a heart transplant recipient list, in part, because he is Autistic.
(His Autism was not the sole reason for being denied, but it was listed as a factor. Read more about that here)
Here is an online petition to try and help him at least get onto the list in Pennsylvania.

lulz from nosajmunson

Please click this to see an AMAZING view of Mars:

Check out my new Mitt Romney Meme
(Click it for more)

Check out my new "DJ B-ROCK" meme
(Click it for more)

Check out the new shirt from RIPT, available today 8/9/2012:

Fighting the Good Fight Everyday

August 8, 2012

Mr. Rogers may have been one of the greatest human beings in history

Click this to read 15 Reasons Mister Rogers Was the Best Neighbor Ever

Got our Zef/Side on last night

August 7, 2012


The Show last night was pretty good.
We met some pretty Hardcore ZefSide fans.
The Opening DJ played pretty good for about 40 minutes.
The only problem is that he played for 90 minutes.
DIE ANTWOORD were awesome. They weren't nearly as freeky as I fink'd they were going to be.
They actually had a ton of energy and rocked the hell out of the mic.
But they only played for 56 minutes.
That kind of pissed me off.
But, the 56 minutes they were on stage was bad-ass!

This ain't my first giant robot rodeo

August 6, 2012

And then there is this...


I Love Gundam

My Favorite Universal Century Gundam is 0083: Stardust Memory

We're all just space rockers floating thru the galaxy

August 5, 2012

The 1st Annual Yacht Rock BBQ was fun

There is no doubt, when it comes to DJ'ing Yacht Rock, Operative X is the master.
His track selection was so smooth, it was smooth.
He also owns the 70's soft rock playlist championships.

Next year we will all wear Captain's Hats.

Around the Horn

~From Agent Mulder~

Table tennis or telekinesis?‏


From Darth Tom

Say hello to the BodyGuard,
simultaneously the most awesome and irresponsible self-defense weapon in the history of everything.
David Brown has equipped The glove with a high-powered stun gun,
for the sole reason of allowing you to electro-punch shit.
To accompany that, he also threw in a flashlight (to better see what you're electro-punching),
and a laser pointer (to better aim your electro-punch), and a goddamn video camera
(because no one on earth would believe you just electro-punched
a Peacock unless you immediately got that shit onto YouTube


From Johnny Cobra



From Kat Von Rad


From Sporky Romano

Click this to watch some Sporky videos:


From The Schorscher

Anonymous, Spiders and Planets...oh my


Click to Listen to the Sounds of Neptune:

Our First Annual Yacht Rock BBQ is today!

August 4, 2012


And from Operative X:

Nerd Girl of the Day
Astoria Snow

Click for more on this Suicide Girl hopeful:

we will have some Around the Horn and pics from our Yacht Rock BBQ
But for today...


Oh, we love that Michelle Jenneke:

We've got a ton of stuff to do in August

August 3, 2012



We've got a concert a week lined up this month.
First up:

If you want to meet up with us, click this:

Then on August 13th:

Then on August 22:

And Finally on August 31st:

(We've got some extra tickets to this show, more on that later)

Where in the bible did Jesus say "eat mor chikin"?

August 2, 2012

I just don't get this whole Chick-Fil-A thing

We here at refuse to spend money there because we already knew they were assholes.
But now, this has really gotten out of hand.
Instead of ranting, I will use memes to convey my thoughts on the subject:

Now, in response to all this, KFC has made a new video.
Check it out:

Let's kick out the LULZ motherfuckers!

The New & improved Jesus, filled with hate and bile for all non-white, non-straight Americans:

New Month, New Adventures, same old lulz

August 1, 2012

I spent the day with my love sans-offspring

5 Stories up in Denver:

We went to the Clyfford Still Museum.
And I have to tell you, it was amazing:

We ended our day at Tony's watching The Olympics, drinking beers and eating Cheese Curds:

Basically, it was a wonderful day

Olympic Lulz

Here at the command center,
we don't get mad.

We Wait...