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December 30, 2011

We received some complaints about our subject matter.

I have received more than a few messages this past month about our postings offending people.
(via Facebook and Email)
I understand that we can't make everyone happy all of the time.
And I understand that some of our posts can offend some people.
So I made this graph for the people that sent me messages about how offensive we can be:

Lighten the Fuck Up

Happy Birthday to some of our own:
RyCon & Jason of The Eat-Ons!

For Jason of the Eat-Ons:

For RyCon, we made you a Tom Selleck cake:

Happy Birthday Boys!




The Last
of the year


When the age of man is over, then the world will change

Decemeber 29, 2011


From Operative X
More on the topic of the next U.S. adventure...‏

This was published yesterday, less than 24 hours from our posting on the 12/27
about the U.S. propaganda machine gearing up for a War with Iran.
Click to read:

Here is some more. Click to read:

Soon the media will start making a case for War against Iran.
They will tell us that "there really is no option if..."
And when that happens, the uninformed masses will start to believe it.
The people will actually want a War with Iran.
You'll soon see a lot of patriotic pictures of U.S. Military Might circulate around the internet.

1 month from now, show this to someone random and see how they react.

If they say "Fuck Yeah. Iran's gonna get Democracy alright!" then know they are lost, a victim to the hype.
And when someone random takes this the wrong way, the public opinion has been swayed in favor of war.
But more importantly use this to check yourself.
The moment you think this is not a sad truth and instead think it to be some cool
patriotic meme about how tough America is, you are lost too.

Basically, this is the way we see it:

We The People need to wake up.
We are the ones that must prevent this from happening.
Because if we do not prevent it, you can guarantee the government will do everything it can to make this war happen.

-nosajmunson & Operative X


From Operative X:

A look back...and hopefully, not a glimpse of things to come‏.
The GOP nominee gaffes of 2011
Click to Read:

And of course, the medical-insurance loopholes.
Preventative care is becoming bait & switch…
Click to Read:


From nosajmunson:

Finally a candidate for the 2012 Presidential Election that isn't so illogical:

This is why we need to bring all of our troops home:

I love Clowns.
The more the better.
That's why I love this picture of a pregnant clown. It doesn't bother me at all:

But you know what does bother me, big time?
Pregnant ICP fans.
This picture is proof that there are not enough Sharks in the gene pool:

I just watched "Rise of the Planet of the Apes".
It was not at all what I expected and boy did it have some big time spoilers from OTHER movies??!!

Want some perspective?
This is how big America would be if it were on Saturn:

We do it all for the lulz

I have to return some video tapes

December 28, 2011

Video of the Day:

“I'm tired of this back-slapping "aren't humanity neat" bullshit. We're a virus with shoes.”
-Bill Hicks

December 27, 2011

Bill Hicks on drugs, alcohol and pornography:


The Endless Waltz Continues.
The three beats of War, Peace & Revolution play on.

Earlier this month, Op X and I stated we thought that the US is looking for excuses to go to war with Iran.
We guessed that a War would break out during Prime Election Season, roughly April.
What scares us is, well, we might be right.
The Media Propaganda machine is getting into gear:

We the people have been prepped for a war with Iran by the media for some time now,
This Cartoon was published some time in October 2009.

In the past week to 10 days, any & all news about Iran has become front page material.
I did a search of on the word Iran.
Of course there were pages & pages of articles that were returned.
This didn't surprise me at all. What did surprise me was the frequency in which they were being published.
On page 1 of 965 (roughly), there wasn't a single article that was older than 24 hours:

It seems The Powers That Be are starting to build their case for War now.
And they are using some tried & true tactics that President Bush used successfully
when he & his administration wanted to go to war with Iraq.
It's called The Blame Game. And the newest nonfactual fact being circulated is:
I am not making this up.
A FEDERAL Judge in New York ruled on December 22, 2011 that
"...Iran, the Taliban and al-Qaida liable in the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks."
Read one article about this ruling here:

The article above is from the Huffington Post.
For checks & balances, here is an article about the same thing from a non-Western perspective:

I guess my point is, The Powers That Be have made up their mind and
We, The United States, will be going to war with Iran.
Now, they are starting to go into overdrive selling it to us citizens.
Articles like the 2 above are how it starts.
Iran has as much to do with the 9/11 attacks as the price of tea in China.
But, we now blame Iran for 9/11 to pull on the patriotic heart strings of the uninformed.
The Powers That Be know, once you've won the heart of the people, you can control their mind.

(Click to see a google image search on "War with Iran".
What comes back scares me)

My biggest fear is that a war with Iran will erupt into a Global conflict.
I hope that I am wrong, I really do.
I hope that I am just being paranoid.
But my instincts & common sense say otherwise.

Let's Talk About Revolution

Anonymous is on a roll:

We all have to admit that the Occupy Movement has diminished.
While we were completely successful in bringing the economic inequality to the forefront
not much has been done to change it.
The Movement had gotten hung up on the Police Brutality and the forcible evictions
of Occupiers across the nation.
While these things are certainly valid injustices against The Movement,
they are to be expected.
The Movement focused on this a little too much and lost sight of the original mission.
But now, The Movement is refocusing and digging in.
The people the Occupation is trying to wake up are aware now, but they still seem to be asleep.
The 1% know that there are possible futures in which they no longer have control.
They are doing everything they can to prevent those futures from happening.
(Yes, things like the 2012 NDAA & SOPA are prime examples)
But the 99% still hasn't fully realized that they have the power to make & shape the future.
So, until the 99% fully wake up, The Occupation continues.
But in 2012, you are going to see a new kind of Occupation.
It will not be limited to just Wall St and Economics.
The scope is going to broaden.
There will be different tactics and more purposeful events that will make some big ripples in the pond.
2012 will see monumental change.
Whether it's good or bad is up to us.
If you are reading this, then you are part of the 99%.



By now, you've seen the posts or read about how Twitter
exploded after Christmas with spoiled little teenage brats complaining how they didn't get
an iPhone or an iPad or a Car.
If you haven't heard about this, click the pic to read more from Buzzfeed.
Regardless, scroll down and see how Batman keeps it
real for these spoiled little fuckers.


I'd like to see a new kind of Occupation spring up in 2012:

I believe if everybody had more sex, the world wouldn't be so stressful.


The Prometheus Trailer has set my nerd senses on fire. has an awesome scene by scene break down of the trailer.
Props to OlmTreeHomeSted for finding the article.
Click this to check it out:

And click this to watch the HD official trailer on


Speaking of Space, here is one of the best pictures from outer space this year.
The Space Shuttle Atlantis returning to Earth as seen from the ISS.
Click the pic to see more pictures from space:

Now let's have some lulz

Boxing Day - Black Eyes and Bloody Knuckles for all!

December 26, 2011

Christmas was good to us which is not good for Zombies


See, we told you Kim Jong il faked his own death to become a Dubstep Superstar.
But you didn't believe us.
Well, HA HA!
As you can see here, he has been busy as a beaver dropping those next level beats:

Look how unhappy he was at his old job:


We've been working on doing ad campaigns for some companies.
Here is our lastest for Crest Toothpaste:


Some receipts say things like "Have a nice day" or "Thank You, please come again".
But this one.....


Science is amazing.
The advances in technology over the past 100 years are simply mind blowing.
But sometimes you have to wonder, is it for the betterment of man?

Did you catch the new Doctor Who 2011 Christmas Special?

It was really good. A nice upbeat episode with a happy ending.
But there was one part that reminded me of something else...

I hope in the upcoming season of Doctor Who they have some good villians.
So far with the 11th Doctor, there just doesn't seem to be any villians on par with some of the classic DoctorWho bad guys.
As an Example, that one eye'd lady can't hold a candle to:

The Master is the only Bad Guy that can make The Doctor his bitch:

These made me laugh...

This one is from M.E. of Illinois:

Happy Last Christmas Earthlings

December 25, 2011

Click this pic for the most EPIC Christmas *.gif EVER:

We promise not to say anything about Christmas Eve....

December 24, 2011

Operative X unleashes a link storm

Click the pics to follow the links...

Colbert is genius...‏

Here's a laugher- the 1% response...‏

So, did the Cold War really end?‏

How cool is this? NFL'er good on pledge to students‏.
And he committed to this when still with the Browns (he’s with the 49ers now, but hey)…

Suck Memes & Stuff Internet User

Clicky click for hidden treats

We are the pain you feel that causes a revolution

December 22, 2011


Oh Betty

They are on the rise

It seems you can't go anywhere without bumping into some sort of peacock bullshit decorations:

Now people want to look like peacocks, what the hell?

This girl said she wanted her hair to look like a peacock.
Poor deluted girl:

Bad Mojo found some evil peacock art and he summed it up nicely:

"They are invading our arts and crafts time! MAKE IT STOP!!!!"

People, peacocks suck.
Don't let them fool you, they want your soul.

It's time to get back to work & change the world

December 21, 2011

So, what's been going on?

One of our favorite sites, UNDER THE MOUNTAIN BUNKER, is back!


This guy died:


From Operative X,

People are still doing stupid shit.
Here's your photo of the day - robbers get robbed...‏click it to read all about it:

(This mug shot is a reminder that crack is still whack)

Top quotes of the year...‏


Congress continues to suck:


The Kepler mission is going quite well:


December 20th was the 15th anniversary of Karl Sagan's death:


The Government released their terrorist watch list for 2012.
Find yourself on it because in 2012, it seems, everyone will be labeled terrorist eventually:


December 20th was the start of The Festival of Lights.
So to all of our Hebrew Brothers & Sisters out there:


Christmas is just a few days away.

... turned 3 years old this month:

It's time to hunker down and relax

December 17, 2011

I miss these two great TV shows


Let's Make fun a of Rick Perry just a few more times...


The Good The Bad and The Sad

December 16, 2011

The Good

This article proves that there is still good people out there:
(Click the pic to read the whole thing)
(Thanks to Operative X for this article)


Today is "Wear Star Wars, Share Star Wars" Day:

Click this pic to read about TESSA, the organization ihatepeacocks is donating to this year:


You HAVE to watch this.
It is downright amazing!

This picture is nothing but WIN, especially if you are a Community fan:


And although he died some time ago, it seems now, more than ever
We Need Bill Hicks.


The Bad

There is plenty of mis-information floating around out there.
Click the pic to read an article that has some cold hard facts about NDAA:


With all that has happened this year in regards to The Occupy Movement,
I find it shocking that the Economic Inequality in this country has gotten WORSE.
Click the pic to read more:


In regards to above, this graph alone shows just what congress is doing about it:

I think it is bad when meme's like this make me laugh.
3 years ago no one, on the left at least, would ever make something like this.
But after this week, well......

The Sad

Christopher Hitchens died yeaterday.

To read more, click here

My wife and I once shared an elevator with Hitchens in New York in 2002.
He was very nice, polite and wished us well on our vacation in the Big Apple.
He was also drinking a glass of scotch/whiskey for the whole ride.

The Die Has Been Cast

December 15, 2011


The National Defense Authorization Act passes House, 283-136

Click here for a complete list of Representatives who voted for this.
Remember their names come this Novemeber.

"The measure goes on to the Senate, where an earlier version of the legislation passed 93-7.
Meanwhile, civil liberties and human rights groups were in a furor Wednesday night over Obama's decision to drop his veto threat following changes made to the detainee-related sections of the bill.

'By signing this defense spending bill, President Obama will go down in history as the president who enshrined indefinite detention without trial in US law,' Kenneth Roth of Human Rights Watch said in a statement. 'In the past, Obama has lauded the importance of being on the right side of history, but today he is definitely on the wrong side.' "

Needless to say, but.....I'm pissed.
Obama you have let us down.
If you do not veto this when it gets to your desk, then you are worse than George W. Bush.
He gave us the Patriot Act.
What you are giving us is far, far worse.


Anonymous put it best. Click the pic to watch their reaction:

Trust me when I tell you that the Government and the 1% who are behind it, well:


In addition to the NDAA passing the House,
there has been a LOT of talk about the US going to War with Iran.
It seems inevitable at this point.
Operative X & I were talking and we would guess that Obama
will enter into some type on conflict with Iran no later than April of 2012.
Just in time for the hardcore election season.
I hope we are wrong, but you know we are correct.
So while on the topic of war, why is it that the only thing the US is good at anymore
is Occupying Other Nations?
Click the pic below to see a great video featuring the words of Joe Rogan on the subject.

Some men just want to watch the world burn,
I just want to light the fire.

December 14, 2011

Our Institutions Have Failed Us

The Pope.
The Vicar Of Christ or "earthly representative of God or Christ".
I've always found it funny that the Vicar of Christ is elected by man.
Man is imperfect.
I believe that The Vatican has become nothing but imperfections.
They protect child rapists in their ranks and even try to convince you that it is OK that the bastards hurt children.
They do little to help the poor and instead talk about making a One World Bank that they can control.
They spend most of their time & effort condemning you for what you enjoy.
But yet they can not see the evils they are responsible for.

I respect dedicated Priests that live to serve their parishes.
I think individually, they can do good work.
But as a whole, I think The Bishop of Rome no longer serves any useful purpose.
No man can know what God thinks and certainly can not tell you what God wants you to do.

As far as I am concerned:


I think we should give Major Corporations & The Richest 1% some tax breaks...
just as soon as they start paying taxes:

On the the Freedom to Assemble front....

American Soceity:

We have let ourselves down.
We'll wait in line for 2 days to get the newest iPad,
but can't seem to find 2 hours to volunteer at the local soup kitchen.
In America, money has become the end all be all.

Changing things is near impossible.
That doesn't mean we shouldn't try, but sometimes I think
"It would be easier to burn it all down and start over".

Things I feel like sharing....

Johnny Cobra Sent Me This One:

I've seen things you people wouldn't believe

December 13, 2011 on the attack!

A message from George Takei


Operative X on the Attack!

First Off, Operative X published a new blog entry yesterday.
Click this to read it:

Each of the following articles Op X found.
Read his quick assement, then click the pic/headline to read the article

"Unreal...‏Read This Crap"

"I thought simple majority won?‏"

"More on the OWS Front"

"Always a laugh.
Looks like he doesn’t have a leg to stand on in talking about raising taxes on high income earners
…In his mind, he was already there"

"More of the Funny"

"Uh oh...trouble in Nets-land‏.
Well, soon there will be one less Russian billionaire in the NBA owner’s group…"

"Cavers...Lowe's pulls ads due to complaints‏
Maybe Lowe’s can help that Florida Conservative group build a structure outside of their bigotry.
Of course, if it’s built by Lowe’s, it may cave…"

But fear not, in response to Lowe's pulling its Ads, Russell Simmons tweeted this:

"More from the crazies.
Newt Gingrich kisses the conservative O Ring."

Hee Hee Haa Haa

December 11, 2011

Blah Blah Blah

Ol Newt Loves America, unless America gets cancer:

Bet you didn't know Newt has a 2nd job. Click to watch:




The New Dark Knight Rises Poster has been released:


Christopher Walken





I'm feeling all Super Sith today

December 10, 2011

Suck my Sith


And this is just another reason to hate Rick Perry:

Was Rick Perry a stunt double in Brokeback Mountain?

December 9, 2011 officially declares Rick Perry to be a Texas sized bigot

Rick Perry is a dumb fuck.
He stands zero chance of becoming the President.
So, he is pulling out all the right wing stops.
By now, everyone has seen Rick Perry's "Strong" ad.
I refuse to post a link to it.
But I will post the Internet's reaction. This screen shot was taken 12 hours after the video was published:

"Rick, I just can't quit you"
I also find this interesting, compare the outfits:

There is now a campaign on Tumblr to redo his video and Gay It Up.
Here is a great example:

But, this is the best response I've seen to Perry's Video:


Now to be fair, The Senate, The House, and Obama are sucking ass right now.

With the Bills passed this week and last week, The Legislative Branch is gutting The Constitution.
Obama better veto some these or shit is gonna get real:

The masses will only take this sitting down for so long.
The Occupiers are simply the first wave.
Everyone has a breaking point.

{We here at are not part of Anonymous, but we share the same goals & support their message}

Fuck it,

This one is from Johnny Cobra:

Bolt through the eyebrow / Hand full of lilies / Bloodshot

December 8, 2011

 -  -  -

((( )))

So much Underworld news to share

Click the Underworld banner above to check out the revamped Underworld site.
It is fantastic and filled with music, art, photos and bliss.
It is the best version of their site to date!


Next up, this....


Here is some juicy good news.
2 new(ish) Underworld Albums:

"This revisited Anthology has been refreshed with more material to
go some way to complete the picture of the first two decades of Underworld"
1992 - 2012 Anthology
Big Mouth (CD1) - Mmm Skyscrapper I Love You (CD1) - Rez (CD1) - Cowgirl (CD1) - Spikee (CD1)
- Dirty Epic (CD1) - Dark And Long (Dark Train) (CD1)
Born Slippy (CD2) - Pearls Girl (CD2) - Jumbo (CD2) - 8Ball (CD2) - Moaner (CD2) - Two Months Off (CD2) -
To Heal (CD2) - Crocodile (CD2) - Scribble (CD2)
The Hump (Bonus) - Big Meat Show (Bonus) - Minneapolis (Bonus) - Why Why Why (Bonus) - Oich Oich (Bonus) -
Second Hand (Bonus) - Parc (Bonus) - Simple Peal (Bonus) - Jal To Tokyo (Bonus)

"A Collection features edited highlights for those who prefer things short, sweet and to the point."
A Collection

- Bebop Hurry (Edit) - Scribble (Edit) - The First Note Is Silent (Edit) - Downpipe (Edit)
- To Heal (Edit) - Crocodile (Edit) - Two Months Off (Edit) - Jumbo (Edit)
- Born Slippy (Edit) - Pearls Girl (Edit) - Dark and Long (Dark Train) 2011 edit
- Mmm Skyscraper I Love you 2011 edit - Cowgirl (Edit) - Rez 2011 edit
- King Of Snake (Edit) - Moaner (Edit)


Also be sure to check out the new Art section of UnderworldLive.


December 6, 2011

We are not kidding here

Check it out:

OlmTreeHomeSted found this. It is pure awesomeness. Click to watch:

Here is a movie scene that makes me eyes water, one of the most intense scenes in film history I might add:

Here is your street art of the day from Wooster Collective:

If you don't already know who Benny Hinn is, let me fill you in.
He's a fucking bat shit nuts televangelist.
But I guess he likes Skyrim?
Click to watch:

(Go GTS on this dude.....fucking weirdo)

We talked to some of our more famous friends about ihatepeacocks

Mel Gibson, what do you think of the website?
OK. Thanks a lot there Mel.

Yo, Harrison, we go way back right?
What do you think about the sites?

Well, thanks...I think.

Hey, Chow Yun Fat,
how we doing?

Fuck Yeah My Man.
Knew we could count on you!

And now to leave you with some nosajmunson digital art:

No cats were harmed in the typing of this post

December 5, 2011

Our hearts go out to mc chris who lost his father last week.

From mc chris's facebook page:

"anthony giles ward 1938 - 2011
here's a drawing i drew of my dad of when he was a soldier.
thank you for all your well wishes and prayers.
thank you guys again for all your love and support.
he's no longer suffering."


I love a good Super Saiyan Trunks *.gif:

And I miss Toonami, especially Midnight Run

You bet they do:

This has got to be one of the hardest jobs out there:

I was reading some articles about my favorite dumbasses, the GOP
and instead of posting links to the articles, I decided to make pictures about each one.

So along those line, here are some pics that I think fit the times....

But here is an adorable cat picture the internet seems so fond of...

Now watch this video.
That crazy preacher Benny Hinn is actually an agent of the Dark Side:

I actually took the side of a peacock lover....I must be going soft:

I found their Facebook page and this was our interaction:

Thanks to THE John Williams for turning me onto this.
This story comes from his part of the world.

Happy Birthday Yesterday to one of our own:

Every year for Christmas I ask Santa to bring back
80's speed metal.
And every year Santa says
"You'd be better off asking Satan. Now get off my lap."

December 3, 2011

Yes, I have posted live versions of this song before.
And I will certainly post it again.
If you don't like it, call Kerry King and tell him yourself.

Another GPOY from the family

OK, Hollywood, I am warning you:

If this turns out to be true,
I will become Wrath a la Se7en and go visit JJ Abrams with a box.

This is not an opinion, this is an empirical fact:



Props to Operative X:

Back in October, Operative X and I were interviewed by KRCC/NPR about the Occupy Movement.
They published a good chunk of Op X's interview with Kate Jonuska.
You can check it out by clicking the pic below.
Fast Forward to about 5 minutes in (-2:59) to hear Op X, he is talking after Frankie:


From Operative X:

Why Trey Parker & Matt Stone are not just funny...‏but also, visionary.
See, the new Marlins MLB uniforms and BASEketball:


From The Roman

Cheater gets a crap tattoo....


From Darren Emerson

Don't play with traffic:


From The M.E. of Illinois

Your Daily Dose of Funny & Pictures that make you think stuff...

"I've been to the motherfucking moutain top,
heard motherfuckers talk, seen them drop,
if I ain't got a weapon, I'm gonna pick up a rock
and when I bust your ass, I'm gonna continue to rock"

We still miss you, RIP.

December 2, 2011

According to the Wu-Tang name generator at, my Wu-Tang name is

Half-Cut Skeleton

If what they say is true, then the ihatepeacocks & the Wu-Tang could be dangerous!

We are going to offend someone, somewhere at least once a day.
Don't let it be you.

Just lighten up, take a deep breath.
Welcome to the Internet and remember...
We did it all for the Lulz!

We have a witty sense of humor that we will use
like a wrecking ball to wreak havoc on the world

December 1, 2011

Song of the Day:
Is Tropical - "The Greeks"
(The Song is So-So, but the Video is violently brilliant.)
Click this preview to watch:

Let's do some Around The Horn

From Darth Tom:


From Operative X:

The right's talking points on OWS...‏
But the fear is on them. Good.


From Johnny Cobra:

This is some seriously funny shit you must watch:


From RyCon:

"For some reason [Guy on a Buffalo] reminds me of this show"...


From The Pro-Bowler:

"On the 26th of November 2011, the Mars Science Laboratory was launched from Cape Canaveral.
This timelapse sequence shows a plume drifting against the background stars,
probably caused by venting from the Centaur rocket after it carried out a burn over the Indian Ocean....."


From Serby the Oracle

He always finds stuff to piss me off and make me laugh all in one go.
That's why we love Serby


From nosajmunson (me)

This is the greatest video RAMMSTEIN has ever made.
It will probably be pulled from YouTube as it contains violence, fire, nudity, lesbian sex, S&M, Bondage and more fire.
But that's just the last 60 seconds.

Speaking of AWESOME videos, if you like Star Wars & burlesque, then you have to see this:

(Yes, I know it says "Fo", that is on purpose. Hip Hop lingo Yo)

IT'S ABOUT DAMN TIME they got some recognition!

Here is the new political party I am going to vote for:

I love coloring books, don't you?
Here is a page I colored in my DBZ coloring Book:

This is my notebook I use to take notes in meetings at my job.
Here are the notes I took while on a "Con-Call" last week:


In our heads we look like this:

and this:

But in the real world.....