January was so Saucy


If you think you should be paying less for your car insurance,
you are a boring person that watches too much TV.

January 29, 2013

Trivia Nuggets

Kids these days...

We make the internet 0.000764% better

January 28, 2013

GalaxyFest is soon


Do me a favor? Go vote this up please.

I made this and submitted it to PunditKitchen.com.
Click this pic to go vote it up:

60+ degrees in January, I love Colorado

January 27, 2013

It's that time

Girl Scout Cookies are here

Bicycle RIGHT!

Janury 26, 2013

New Album from Karl Hyde.
Check it out here

Another Internet fact from ihatepeacocks.com

Fun Land


I have some serious Nerd Wood today

January 25, 2013

It is Official


From EW.com "14 ways of looking at J.J. Abrams' Star Wars"

All kidding aside, I wish JJ well.
I feel he did a good job with the Star Trek reboot and Star Trek Into Darkness does look good.
I think there is a lot of potenial for a great Star Wars movie.
But he holds in his hand The TWO biggest SciFi movie franchises in history.
May the Force Be With You JJ, cause if you fuck this up,
you will NOT live long or prosper.


Time to zone out and watch stuff

January 24, 2013

There are still good people left in this world

We here at ihatepeacocks.com will always fight for every special needs child on earth.
And here is an example of some one in Texas standing up for a child.
This is good stuff. More poeple need to take a stand on things like this.
"Waiter hailed as hero after standing up for boy with Down syndrome"
Please click the pic below to read about this waiter:

What to watch

Here are some movies that have caught my eye and that I plan on veiwing.
Some have already been released and some are being released later this year.


Space is the Place to Race

January 23, 2012

I will never see space, but I hope my children will

Amazing Picture picture from the Hubble Telescope of "Eta Carinae" stellar system.
This picture shows Eta Carinae and the bipolar Homunculus Nebula which surrounds the star.
The Homunculus was partly created in an eruption of Eta Carinae, the light from which reached Earth in 1843.
It is expected to explode in a supernova or hypernova in the astronomically near future.

Politicians are only good for providing us with meme material

January 22, 2013

That Inauguration was nothing but pure meme gold

Slick Willy is not so subtle:

Chuck Schumer is creepy:

Paul Ryan got booed big time during his speech. So I decided to make the
Sad Inauguration Paul Ryan Meme.
Click this to check out more of them:

And then there's Eric Cantor:

Today we celebrate a great man,
Happy Martin Luther King day.

January 21, 2013

Martin Luther King Jr. Day 2013

Happy 2nd Inauguration Day to President Obama

You're in your second term now Obama, kick some ass
and do everything you said you were going to do.
Stand up to the Republicans, fight for the middle class and stop this covert drone/ndaa bullshit.


I need to start taking more pictures

January 20, 2013

Took some pictures today

Bacon, Jesus, Ass and Freedom all in one

I am staying away from people today

January 19, 2013

Today is "Show off Your Manhood Day" for the insecure
aka National Gun Appreciation Day

First off, this is how I feel about it:

I have nothing against Gun Ownership or Gun Owners.
But I do have something against gun nuts and our culture of gun-worship:

Operative X has been tracking several stories over the past 10 days.
Here is a new startling trend:

State Law<Federal Law. Just saying – been that way for, I dunno, OVER TWO HUNDRED AND TWENTY YEARS!!!!

 Op X has been tracking just some of the gun related incidents in the Colorado Springs/Pueblo areas since the
Sandy Hook shootings:

Man With a Gun Arrested on I-25

Gunman Knocks On Front Door

Man Shot In Head At Springs Bar Dies

Police Searching For 'Armed And Dangerous' Assault Suspects

Armed Robbery At Springs Fast Food Restaurant

74-year-old hit in face with gun

Man Shot Outside Pool Hall in Pueblo

But according to the NRA, it must be the media's fault.


This really isn't funny:

But this is:

And so is this:

Just the Facts please...

January 18, 2013

Internet Facts about peacocks you need to know

The introduction of the car radio came in 1930 from the
Galvin Manufacturing Corporation.

January 17, 2013

Ha Ha's

From The Roman:

If you win the lottery, GET THIS:

From Operative X:


I'm going to pitch movie idea to Universal Studios today.

It's a romantic thriller doomsday comedy film.
It's part Titanic part Big Lebowski part She's Having a Baby part Terminator:

Owning a pool is a major status symbol in parts of the US

January 16, 2013


Cheer Up

It can always be worse:

Mall Goths have it hard ever since Hot Topic went Dubstep.

Watch This:

And to the Right Wing Gun Nuts:


These are strange times

January 15, 2013

Aaron Swartz


Operative X is tracking something scary and we will post about that later this week.
In the meantime, here is some stuff you should check out.

Bat for Lashes fan should check this out:

Olivia Munn fans should check this out, but it's NSFW:

This is awesome. Window Cleaners dressing as Super-Heroes at a Children's Hospital to cheer up the kids.
Click to see more:

Luther is coming back for a Third Season, and guess who is coming back too:

This made me laugh my ass off...

Make sure you are keeping up with Merica-For-Mericans:

A new week means new lulz

January 14, 2013

Congrats to newest Suicide Girl:
Astoria Snow

Nerd Girl friend of ihatepeacocks Astoria Snow has become the newest Official Suicide Girl.
Congrats to Her!
Click this to check out her profile on SuicideGirls.com :

For some grins...

For all you Conspiracy loving folks, here is some scary stuff about the moon landing being faked:

Good Stuff Right Here:

You gotta love River Song

Best Fridge Magnet I've seen all day:

This is a real Newspaper Photo and Caption from a paper in Ireland


Lazy Sunday

January 13, 2013

What the hell Broncos, you had 1 job yesterday...

I am not a Broncos fan, but I hate the Ravens.
(Fuck You Art Modell's Ghost)
But come on Denver!
Op X and The Roman are die hard Broncos fans and they agree, the loss to the Ravens SUCKED:

Paint Can Art

Click this pic to check out an amazing photo gallery of paint can pictures:

Getting on my High Horse

If watching shitty movies was a super-power,
I'd be the most powerful man in the Universe.

January 12, 2013

I think I figured out what all the right wing nut jobs are afraid of...

Picture of the day

Fully Charged and Ready to Rock

January 11, 2013

Operative X is on point

Click this to check out The Indiana Jones Trilogy as maps:

Click this to check out the Star Wars Trilogy as maps:


Now for some perspective

For every one of these:

There are 1,000 of these:

But do you think the NRA will weigh in on the shooting here in our town?
Somehow I doubt it.
The self-defense story in Georgia is getting all kinds of
reactionary media overplay – “see, guns do work!” – as if one incident of justifiable force suddenly abdicates the severity, pervasiveness and magnitude of our country’s infatuation with gun violence in the wake of Aurora and Newtown.

A handful of instances where the 2nd Amendment helped is not equal to the hundreds of thousands of murders where it didn’t.


And one more thing...


First, going with Op X's point from above about Guns in America,
Click this to watch Alex (NUTJOB) Jones go ape shit about guns:

Here are some great words from good ol' Noam:

This I dig:


Let's watch some videos

January 10, 2013


It's Documentary Day

January 9, 2013

Three Documentary Films I feel you must see


If, after you watch Food Inc. you want to take action, go here.

And here are some good movies

I felt each of these movies were great. And I think each one is worth watching.
Click to watch the trailer.



It's Law Dog Day

January 8, 2013

I have Jury Duty Today and It's the Premier of JUSTIFIED Season 4

Click this to check out some Justified Season 4 previews from GeeksOfDoom.com:



After watching the above, this was my reaction:

Flowers on the Razor Wire

January 7, 2013

The Steubenville Rape Case

The City of Steubenville, Ohio seemed to be covering up for its Star High School Football players
who drugged and raped a 16 year old Girl.
Then Anonymous stepped in…
Click to read more from our Tumblr Blog:

This has blown up into a national story.
There is even a petition to the White House to have the boys that have been charged tried as Adults
instead of as Juveniles.
The story is not as simple as the internet is making it out to be.
But, it does seem odd that others have not been charged in this case.

Read this:

Read this:

Read This:

What sickens me is the victim shaming.
"The Team's football coaches, who said the girl had only herself to blame
and made up the allegations to cover for her own behavior."
This is disgusting. And half of the community is blaming the girl.
This is from Monochrome Visions on TUMBLR:
"Went to the protest by Anonymous in Steubenville today.
The only thing that struck me as odd is that when I got there,
someone asked me if I was for the girl who got raped or against her."

There is never an excuse for rape...EVER.

Just another reason why peacocks are evil

Would you look at that...

January 6, 2013


I love Space


Lots of Rad T-Shirts these past few days...

From TeeFury:

From RIPT:


 From OlmTreeHomeSted

Click for twenty fun 4chan Motivation Posters:


 From Operative X

"Now that the law has been enacted, here’s the best article I’ve seen which explains
what could’ve happened versus what has actually changed - or didn’t change - by the new legislation":

Football funnies in NY‏:

 Attack of the Random


Buellher Suicide (Click, but its NSFW)

Every Zombie Nightmare I have, I'm playing hockey naked

January 5, 2013

Just a kick-back kind of day

The Fam hung out in the morning.
Then we went to go visit Serby The Oracle.
The Op X family came over, bought everybody lunch (THANK YOU OP X), and we hung out.
Played some video games, watched some Gundam, and submitted a bunch of stuff to IMGUR.
Click this to check out our submissions:


For all the Broncos Fans (aka The Roman & Op X)

This one goes out to Anakin Stahlwalker who, like many, is really missing NHL Hockey:

Taking Today Offline

January 4, 2013

This picture makes me feel good:

But peacocks ruin everything:

My mind is on the fritz again

January 3, 2013

So I was scanning thru Amazon's FREE MP3 section and I came across this song.
I've heard "of" this band but never really listened to them.
I downloaded this song and I really like it. Not sure about all of their tunes, but this one is a keeper.


I posted this picture on Facebook:

It started to go viral until someone reported it as porn and I got banned from Facebook:

It's only a 1 week ban, so no big deal.
But for the person who reported it, I made this:


So in keeping with "Good Taste" here are some choice pics


Be sure to check our Tumblr blog over the next week as we will be posting a shit ton there:

Hush, Hush. Keep it down now...

January 2, 2013

I am in a Mobile Suit Mood

Here are my 5 favorite Gundam Series of all time...

Gundam Wing:

Gundam 0083 Stardust Memory:

Gundam 08th MS Team:

Gundam 00:

Gundam Seed-Destiny:

Just a couple of things...

The 112th Congress is a giant pool of useless shitheads.
While a "deal" was reached to avoid the Fiscal Cliff, it's kind of a bullshit deal.
We will go thru all this shit again within the next 60 days regarding the Debt Ceiling AND Sequestration.
Seeing as how Obama is still as ineffectual as he was before the election, it seems everything no matter
how small the issue, is going to be this big dramtic fight between the White House and Congress.

But on a lighter note, this picture still makes me laugh me ass off:

Happy New Year: The 2013 Edition

January 1, 2013

If the thought of a new year scares you, relax.
Watch this video.
It will take you back to simpler times:

The Year is now 2013, The Year of The Baker's Dozen


Click this to see the Evolution of Batman thru the years:

If we had to sum up 2012 in one single picture, it would be this one:


We've Updated our Clown Joke Page

Click here to check it out:

Beware the Bird Beast in the Butter Bikini!