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This has been an EPIC month

July 31, 2012

RIP Gore Vidal

We did a lot this month

The Dark Knight Lulz

Mericans will ruin the world

July 30, 2012

(props to can-it-be-awesome)

I want to be clear about something

I am NOT anti-gun. But I am for stronger gun control laws.
I do not think you should be able to buy 6000 rounds of ammo in a short amount of time and not set off some kind of red flag.
I believe people have every right to own a firearm.
But I DO NOT subscribe to the philosophy that "If everyone carried a gun, there would be no crime".
I think that is some Grade A Bullshit.

Now, I do not believe that everyone that owns a gun is a toothless hillbilly.
There are many who own a gun that acknowledge that it is simply a tool and NOT a Holy Gift from God.
 I do love The United States. But I do NOT like this subculture of ignorance in America that seems to have blossomed in recent years. People who openly discriminate based on race, religion, gender and sexual preference, people who worship guns as a religion and people who use religion as a platform to showcase their bigotry. I refer to this subculture as "Merica".

And I'm Afraid of 'Mericans

Now I posted the above on our Tumblr Blog, and within minutes, received a rash of hate mail:

So, to those who sent me this on Tumblr, I just want to say
for proving my point.


Let's Play Some Catch Up Shall We?

July 29, 2012

This is the 17+ minute EPIC track from Underworld that was
played during the "Forging the Rings" portion of the
Olympic Opening Ceremonies on July 27th, 2012.

Let's Talk About Christian Bale for a Moment

He has a reputation for being kind of a dick.
But, it turns out he can be a pretty cool guy.

He came to Colorado to visit the victims of the Aurora Theater Shooting earlier in the week.
He did not contact the press and kept it on the down-low.
First he & his wife (Sibi Blazic) visited the memorial site for the victims:

He then went to a hospital & talked with victims and the medical personnel that treated them:

He took some pics, shook some hands with peeps and then quietly left town before
it turned into a media circus.

Way to go Christian, way to go.
For this, we here at ihatepeacocks.com salute you.

To read more from the Denver Post, click this pic:

Click this to check out something cool from Mr. Bale:


OK, first off, I did see "The Dark Knight Rises" last Sunday.
It was epic and awesome
The movie was not without flaws, but it certainly was a great film.
It was a worthy end to the Christopher Nolan Batman Trilogy.
I highly recommend that everyone see it.


While I was in Arkansas this past week, I met the East Coast faction of The Resistance.
I highly recommend following him on Twitter for some great tech tips:

TechVudu turned me onto Depressed Darth & its quickly become one of my favorites on Twitter:


Speaking of Arkansas...

If you ever have to spend time in Little Rock, well, bring a good book
because there isn't a whole lot to do.

We found one resturant that was worth writing home about.
A little hole in the wall called Sims Bar-B-Que.
It  was really good, southern style BBQ.
Low prices, good food, greasy spoon.
Click for more info:

The night life in Downtown Little Rock is small.
We owned that place in 4 blocks (2 coming, 2 going).
And that took only 2 hours.

Dugan's Pub was not that cool.
Their idea of an Irish Bar was, well let's just say they googled "What makes a menu sound Irish?"
But it was a good place to people watch, especially if you like watching people mutilate songs via kareoke.

But I did meet a girl there with some AMAZING ink.
This picture does not do her tattoos justice:

The Big Whiskey was alright, but a lot of high end plastic women and tooling men.

The Flying Saucer was pretty good, a college bar with tons of different beers.
Good crowd, cute waitresses and pretty good food:

We also went to a place called Cregeen's Irish Pub.
While it had the look of a traditional Irish Bar, that was really about it.
The menu and the music was your typical ho-hum bar. The food was not that great and way too greasy.
Although, I did get the "Irish Bread Pudding" for dessert.
And while it may have looked like shit, it tasted awesome, mainly because of the Jameson Glaze:

Bottom Line,
While in Arkansas, stay out of the heat, and drink as much as you can.
It will help pass the time.


The Roman got his "Walking Dead Skybound Exclusive Issue 100 Box set".
Click this pic of his poster to read a funny article about issue 100 and Robert Kirkman:

And on the off chance you haven't seen the 4 minute Season 3 Trailer they showed at Comic Con,
Click This:

Also, click this for pics from The Walking Dead at Comic Con:


Here is some more stuff from Comic Con 2012

Portraits from Comic Con, Day 1:

Portraits from Comic Con, Day 2:

Portraits from Comic Con, Day 3:

More Comic Con Goodness from EW.com:

Comic-Con 2012 Booth Babe Photos (Click):

I like taking sky pictures

True Story

The Queen Doesn't Get Mad,
She Waits.

Underworld gets a Gold Medal for the
Opening Ceremonies Music

July 28, 2012

Underworld were the musical directors for the 2012 Olympic Opening Ceremonies.
And I think they did an amazing job.
Born Slippy NUXX was played (during the Trainspotting montage)
as well as 2 new original songs Underworld created specifically for the Olympics:

- And I Will Kiss (feat. Dame Evelyn Glennie)
- Caliban’s Dream (feat. Dockhead Choir, Dame Evelyn Glennie, Only Men Aloud!, Elizabeth Roberts, Alex Trimble)

Also, several Underworld songs were played during the “Athletes’ Entrance/March”:

-Always Loved a Film (Instrumental)
-Dark And Long (Dark Train)
-Minneapolis (High Contrast Remix)
-Moon In Water (Instrumental)
-Crocodile (High Contrast Remix)
-Dirty Epic (Darren Price & High Contrast Remix)
-Dark and Long (Darren Price And High Contrast Remix)
-Rez (High Contrast Remix)

All of the music from the Opening Ceremonies is now available on iTunes
Isles of Wonder: Music For the Opening Ceremony of the London 2012 Olympic Games

Also, read more about it from Underworld themselves:


Let the Games Begin

July 27, 2012


It's Thursday, time to hang out with the birds again.

July 26, 2012

(Click it)


Tomorrow The Olympics start and Underworld is doing the music.
Be sure to watch the Opening Ceremony.


Today is Thursday and this is I feel

I want to see this...

And the beat goes on...

July 24, 2012

We saw them open for Andrew W.K. at the Comic Con show on July 13th, 2012.
This girls be Bad Ass Rad:

Sally Ride 1951 - 2012

The Dark Knight Rises lulz

Best line from the movie:

The Real Reason Bane is Mad:

Some questions deserve a sarcastic answer:

A misunderstanding leads to disappointment at Wayne Manor:

Nerd Girls FTW

This Picture:

This Tattoo:

This Cosplay:

I don't always like traveling, but I love flying

July 23, 2012

Where I spent most of my day

Click this one for more sky related pictures from me:

Moving on and keep on keeping on

July 22, 2012



Click it:

Click it:

We here at ihatepeacocks.com are deeply saddened by
the events yesterday in Aurora.

July 21, 2012

Our hearts are heavy for the family & friends of those who died.
And our thoughts go out to those who were wounded.
We wish you a fast and healthy recovery.


Operative X and I have talked at length about this.
What neither one of us can quite understand is that when a tragedy of this magnitude happens,
why people come out of the woodwork in support of guns.
While neither one of us is anti-gun, we both believe in stronger gun control laws.
And we both feel that America worships guns like a religion.
The last time something like this happened here in Colorado (Columbine 1999),
the NRA was quick to hold a rally in Denver.
I wonder how long it will take them this time?

Op X wrote a rather candid and powerful blog entry related to all of this.
Please read it:

Something is going to rise today...

July 20, 2012


Comic Con is an experience unto itself.
Nothing else compares.
The Roman is an old pro and I was the Rookie.
But both of us were awed, surprised, frustrated, overwhelmed and thrilled.
There is too much to list.
Here are some of the highlights...

We met Michael Biehn & Jennifer Blanc-Biehn.
We met Robert Kirkman the creator of The Walking Dead and Charlie Adlard the artist on the comic.
The Walking Dead Escape.
We met Morgan Webb, Chris Gore and Kristen Adams from G4 TV.
We met Shia LaBeouf and Rody Rody Piper.
And we even met a few of the Suicide Girls including Kemper & Buellher.

Here are 3 photo sets from our Comic Con Adventure:

The Dark Knight Rises today

I am excited to see this movie.
Clicky Click for some treats:

"Moviegoers Not Interested In Hearing What Is & Isn't Possible,
Demand Heath Ledger 'Dark Knight Rises' Appearance":

Carla Gugino is so hot it hurts

Holy Batcrap Batman, what a week...

July 19, 2012

(The best part starts at 11:56)


Comic Con 2012 was amazing, stressful and awesome.

We had a lot of fun, did a shit ton of stuff and met a lot of cool peeps.
I have been swamped since we got back and haven't had time to update the site properly.
So, I promise to post slide shows of all our Comic Con goodness tomorrow.
Here is a little preview of some of the peeps we met:


COMIC CON 2012 is here!
And we are there!

July 11, 2012

TONIGHT, Comic Con 2012 kicks off with Preview Night.
The rest of the week will be a whirl-wind of Uber-Geeky-Joy!


Be sure to follow us around the web for our coverage:



#sdcc #ih8peacocks #ihatepeacocks


Oh, this will be a week long remembered.

Nerd Party Week 2012 has begun!

July 9, 2012

Comic Con week has begun.
Let us share some of the things we are looking forward to:


It has been a deep blue morocco kind of day

July 8, 2012


He was a good guy.
We are bummed by his passing:

Click this to listen to him speak some truth in a outdated kind of way:


I haven't posted pics on purpose lately, so here are a few...

Click this one to see more photos:

This one was taken by My Love:

It's a piano kind of day

July 7, 2012

Went to see some Robert Motherwell's at the DAM

Robert MOtherwell is one of my favorite painters.
Right now thru July 28th, The Denver Art Museum has on display several Motherwell paintings
that they normally don't show. They are amazing. Click this pic for more info:

Born under a bad sign with a blue moon in your eye

July 6, 2012




One Week From Today: COMIC CON 2012

July 5, 2012

Instead of posting a song I like,
Let's go the opposite direction:

SDCC 2012

We are T-Minus Seven Days Away from the 1st Official Day of Comic Con.
Just a reminder, we will be live posting on our Tumblr Blog each day.
SO be sure to chck that out for the inside scoop on all the goodies coming out of SDCC 2012.
We've got a lot we want to hit.
The Roman and I are working out our game plans. We're gonna cover sooo much turf at The Con.
But one thing is for sure, we are going to do a lot of The Walking Dead stuff:

Your daily dose of WHAT THE FUCK:

Happy Fourth of July

July 4th, 2012

Here we go...

Click each one for a little treat:

From the Mighty UnderTheMountainBunker.com:

Most Deadly Errors Arise From Obsolete Assumptions

July 3, 2012


Brand new Exclsuive photos from EW.com on The Walking Dead Season 3.
It just gives us more reasons to love Maggie...and oh yeah, they've finally made it to the prison:

And speaking of The Walking Dead,
only 1 week from Thursday before The Roman and I are Escaping The Dead at Comic Con:

The Roman is a Pro where as I am a Comic Con Virgin.
But we are making our game plan.
Next Week Is Going To Be EPIC:


What the Fuck is it with the heat lately?
No Global Warming my ass!
And please do NOT give me that bullshit line "It's Summer Time. It's supposed to be hot".
Hot, yes. Sweating Lava and cooking pot roast on my car's dashboard, no.


I watched one of my favorite episodes of The X-Files last night.
I am not going to tell you which Episode, but you can figure it out:


This is an awesome meme from The Wrong Stuff:


Click this for more "Flaming Port-O-Potty" pictures:


Always, Always, ALWAYS take time out of your day to apperciate Nerd Girls:


Tomorrow is July 4th.
And I really hope that some stupid 'Merica Lovin' idiot doesn't light the town on fire...

SDCC 2012 is just 10 days away
but for today, we just have kittens

July 2, 2012

A New Month means new Lulz

July 1, 2012

Video of the Day:

From Steve Moraco Photography comes this epic and frightening time lapse photo video
of the first 5 days of the Waldo Canyon Fire in Colorado Springs.
Pay attention at 6:40 into the video because that is where things start to get scary.
From Tuesday afternoon (6/25/2012) until Wednesday late night (6/27/2012),
The Western part of Colorado Springs became a vision of Hell…

At the time of this posting, the fire is 55% contained!
While the fire is still a very real danger to several areas in El Paso & Teller County,
we have turned a corner on this disaster.
We here at ihatepeacocks.com want to thank EVERY firefighter that helped keep
this inferno from destroying our city.

And in other news...

Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes are getting a divorce.
Inside sources (whatever TMZ) say its because of Scientology.
So, if that is true then bottom line...
Anonymous Wins This Round!
Be Free Katie, Be Free!

New(old) lulz for a new month

Somebody asked me "what does lulz mean?"
I responded with this. I even made the face:

Another WIN from Josh A via Facebook:

Thanks to the random dude at the RenFest for letting me take a pic of his shirt:

And on that note: