And when the battle was done, I was promised my sun
But with a thousand nights gone, To any kingdom I run

November 30, 2012

Today would have been Clyfford Still's 108th Birthday

Clyfford Still was born in Grandin, North Dakota on November 30, 1904.
If you haven't already, GO-GO-GO to the Clyfford Still museum in Denver.


It's been a while, so I watched it last night.
I dig this movie.

Click this:

Movie Fun


From Stahlwalker:

Funny daily headlines are so played out

November 29, 2012

Video of the Day:

Around the Horn

-From OlmTreeHomeSted-

Hey straight ladies, the Lesbians are gonna take your men!

-From The Roman-

For all you Daryl's‏

-From Operative X-

Russian Gold 'sinks' in the Ocean...‏…So the news says:

(Reality is – it’s in Putin’s back yard. And I mean the whole ship.)

Hmmm - Waffle House Sex Scandals...‏
I wonder if the supposed “acts” also had anything to do with Ham Steaks?
Click to read more:

-From Fathership One-

Here is some newer art from my Father:

for some lulz

Click this for The Pope's Joke of the Day:

This one goes out to Darth Tom & OlmTreeHomeSted cuz they is Zebra Salad fans:

I need more art

November 28, 2012

It was cloudy for a little while today

November 27, 2012


Click this:

I find myself liking Kat Denning more and more:

(click it)

(click it)

Working for the MAN has got us down

November 26, 2012

Here is a fresh batch of SOON

It's Sunday which means its time for some TWD bitches

November 25, 2012

We do so love The Walking Dead

This season has so departed from the book (And THANKS TO THE ROMAN, I'm on issue #61)
I really have no idea where it will go next.
And I love it.

So this happened

Which forced me to do this:


November 24, 2012

Black Friday
or...People Rioting at Walmart Day

November 23, 2012

I hate all this BLACK FRIDAY bullshit

And here is why:

This isn't isolated, this is wide spread:

Click this to watch the Consumer Zombies in action:

But there are always lulz:

Happy Thanksgiving from all of us here at

November 22, 2012

Now, it may be Thanksgiving but it is also the Anniversary of the JFK assassination.
So, naturally, we have to post this as our Song of the Day:

On a side note... made it to the front page of Set Phasers to LOL
with this meme:

Also, Wil Wheaton liked & reblogged our "Hillary Clinton: The Wolf" meme on tumblr
So in honor of our meme going viral on Tumblr, click this for a treat:

And finally, OlmTreeHomeSted came up with this beautiful piece of cross-over goodness:

And on this day of stuffing ourselves silly, let's celebrate Food Network:

You now have 1 month until the World Ends.

November 21, 2012

Let's play Song Of The Day catch-up

So I haven't updated the site a lot lately.
I could say it's because I'm busy or I've had some technical problems but the truth is
I've just been lazy.
So here are the songs to cover the past few days.

The Middle East is a mess....again

You know shit is getting bad when Obama sends in "The Wolf":

[ All kidding aside, I hope she stays safe. I worry about her on this trip. ]

The Middle East will never know peace until this lesson is learned.


Well, on The Walking Dead, Michonne & Rick finally met:

The Roman got his Walking Dead Escape Exclsuive issue 100 graded and got a near perfect score:

You know something, I LOVE the movie "The Right Stuff":

Kemper Suicide is still Rad:


The sun is shining out of my hands

November 16, 2012


Family is the most important thing in the world.
Everything else comes second.
And we here at are family.



Back online at full power

November 15, 2012

This song is dedicated to our own Agent Stephanya.
Click this to download the track:

Download the entire Apple Lung Album here for FREE

Songs of the Day

Here are a few songs I meant to post this week, but didn't get the chance until now.

The Colorado Springs ToyCon 2012

We had a blast at the "Colorado Springs Toy Convention" on November 10th.
The Roman, Op X and I had a couple of tables there.
A dude bought ALL of Op X's stuff before the show even opened.
The Roman and I did pretty good. Even Darth Tom showed up for a bit.
We made enough money to keep the websites up and running and to get some pizza.
All and all, a good time: will be at the next Colo Spgs Toy Con in April,
as well as GalaxtFest in February and Starfest in late April.

Stuff to watch

I've watched a few movies over the past 10 days. And by a few I mean 37.
Here are a few standouts that I would recommend checking out:


This is one of the best Indy Sci-Fi flicks I have seen in a long time.
(If you are an Prime member, you can stream it for free)
It is about Time Travel and humans that have been living on the moon in secret,
traveling to earth and back thru time to "fix" all of the things that have gone wrong with mankind.
It is done in as "documentary" style film.
Click the pics below to link to the trailer, the IMDB page, and a pretty good review from Cagey Films:


Beyond the Black Rainbow

This is more an avant garde trippy experience than a movie but I think it is still worth watching.
I'm not going to bother to even try and explain it.
Click the pics to watch the trailer and some other stuff from the movie:


Proxy: A Slender Man Story

If you are into the whole Slender Man lore, then check out this short film.
It is really rather good:

On 12/27/2012 John Dies At The End will be hosting a JDATE bash for the VOD release.
More details to come....

It's Over

November 7, 2012

Last night....

Barack Obama was re-elected as President.

Click this to watch Luther react with Obama to the win:

Hey Mitt


Same-sex marriage was legalized in Maine, Washington, Maryland, and Minnesota.
Recreational marijuana is now legal in Colorado and Medical marijuana is legal in Massachusetts.
Wisconsin elected the first ever openly gay senator.
The GOP Senate "Rape" Committee lost.

All in All, A Good Fucking Night.

On A Side Note... has been banned from Facebook for the rest of the week.
Some rotten fuck-face turned us in for our "Madonna 2013 World Tour" meme.
They thought it was "pornographic" and Facebook agreed. 
To the person that turned us in, GO FUCK YOURSELF YOU PRUDE ASS PRICK!

So while we are banned, keep up with our daily posts on our Blog:

Today is Election Day & that means the
2012 Campaign Season has come to a close.
The 2016 Presidential Campaign will most likely begin tomorrow.

November 6, 2012

Blah Blah Blah VOTE Blah Blah Blah

Well, today is the big day.
I personally am soooo sick and tired of all of this.
I know who I am voting for and I really hope the other guy doesn't win.
But if one more motherfucker asks me anything about the election,
 they are gonna get a fresh batch of this:

And hoepfully there will be a clear winner this time with no ties or lawsuits.
Because I don't think I can handle anymore of these campaign commercials.
If I made campaign ads, they'd all look like this:

I can't speak for everybody here at the command center,
but Operative X and I have cast our vote:

(Props to Gary M Photo for this)

Look, Obama is far from perfect. He let us down a few times.
And he has pulled some very scary George W. Bush moves.
But he is still a good President and has done some rad stuff.
I would NEVER vote for Romney or any other GOP candidate they've put out there in the last 4 years.
They have become a party of hate and ignorance.
Now, there are some good 3rd party candidates, but I do not agree with any of them enough to put them
in the White House.
So basically Barry O, this is your second and final chance. Don't fuck it up.

Now, on a funny note...
I sent a ridiculously smart ass question to the good folks at Comedy Central
in regards to their election night coverage.
And being the rad sports they are, they published their EPIC response.
Click this pic to see it on their Tumblr Blog:

You know the drill

The Walking Dead last night made my feels hurt


You have been warned

Here we go....

Zombie Kill of the Week goes to Glenn:

Carl's childhood is over:

From reading the comics, I knew something was bound to happen sooner or later,
but Goddamn. Plus, Carol is now MIA & presumed dead:

The days will now get darker sooner, take that Sun!

November 4, 2012

Just a friendly reminder from the command center:


In Sexy Nerd News...
For all the hardcore Battlestar Galactica fans,
Tricia Helfer and Katee Sackhoff have made a very sexy calendar which benefits their charity, Acting Outlaws.
Click this for more info:


New Walking Dead tonight:

In tonight's episode, Maury helps clear up a big question for Lori:

I wonder how this will play out compared to the comics:

For Nerd Glory or teh lulz or both


Nic Cage knows how to get anywhere in the universe:

This shit should come with a warning label:

Moon Boobs, huh huh:

Seems about right:

Nerd Wars:

All alone in space and time.
There's nothing here but what's here's mine.

November 3, 2012

It's Caturday Bitches


The Roman and I will have a booth at the Colorado Springs Toy Con next Saturday, November 10th.
Swing by and check it out:


My Cousin Luke sent me this.
Quite possibly the best article ever written about The Cleveland Browns and Star Wars:

Speaking of Star Wars, here is someting worth checking out.
Star Wars takes on Disney movies:


I find nuns to be creepy most of the time:

But you know what I find even more creepy?
Peacock Tattoos?
Why would someone put one of these stupid birds on their body for all of time???

"The revelation of thought takes men out of servitude
into freedom" - RWE

November 2, 2012

Only a few more days....

Then all of the Election garbage will be over.
I give it until Thanksgiving before the "Presidential Election 2016" campaign starts.

Our mere made it to the Front Page of Pundit Kitchen:

So here are a few of our other political memes that have made it around the web:

Joke of the Day

Art of the Day

Making A Better Yesterday Today: Isabel Samaras

Click to read & see more from the exhibition:

New Month Begins Now

November 1, 2012

I love November

Goodbye October, we'll see you next year