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Stormtroopers as Zombies, oh my!

Creep Factor

Star Wars Zombies

It seems obvious now, but until a couple of years ago, Star Wars had never ventured into the Zombie genre.
But that all changed with the book Death Troopers.
It was a hit with hardcore fans like me, but also horror fans.
And the simple reason is....it was creepy, gory and Star Wars.
Heavy violent imagery was new to the Star Wars Universe.
Throw in a Star Destroyer full of the undead Stormtroopers and you've got a winner.
The Sequel, Red Harvest, was so-so. It was short and generic but had so much potential
as it dealt with Sith zombies in the old, old republic.

Spirit Day 2012

Today is Spirit Day.
The day we wear purple in an effort to end bullying and show support for those who are bullied.
We here at ihatepeacocks.com have a very simple stance on this:

 "We must not look at goblin men,
We must not buy their fruits:
Who knows upon what soil they fed
Their hungry thirsty roots?"

Today's Song of the Day is not a Halloween/October themed song.
But it the video is creepy as hell:

I do love this video.
But Yolandi makes my penis confused:

Here is something fun.
I'm was the top comment on the video, at least for 20 minutes:

Creep Factor

Doctor Who 10, Series 4 Episode MIDNIGHT

The Episode starts out like any other Doctor Who.
But it goes from normal to really fucking creepy.
Sky Silvestry gets really creepy when she starts to "copy" The Doctor.
And they way she says "THROW HIM OUT" and The Doctor imitates her is so eerie.
This is one of the few times in Doctor Who that The Doctor is totally powerless and has no idea what to do.
He is quite clearly NOT in control. And the entity that is Ms. Silvestry is going to kill him.

Click to watch her take over The Doctor:

Click to watch everyone turn on everyone.

Click here to check out all of the episode goodness from the official website:

Around the Horn

From Operative X

Ah, the divisions that bind us...‏

From The Roman

Alf is into animal husbandry‏:

From Darth Tom

This is EPIC:


The Children of the Night. What music they make!


Bela Lugosi as Dracula

To me, this is THE Vampire movie that all vampire movies are compared to.
Bela Lugosi fucking OWNS the role of Dracula.
He was so into the role, it's hard to think of him as anything other than Dracula.
He is beyond intense.
I watch this movie at least 4 times a year and the scene where he comes down the stairs
and says "The Children of the Night...." freeks me out everytime.

Presidential Debate 2012: Round 2
Obama got his Mojo Back

I'm going to let these memes speak to my opinion of the debate last night:

B O O M  goes the dynamite!

The Trees are watching you while you sleep

Creep Factor


Dendrophobia is the fear of trees.
And while I admit that some trees are just plain creepy, I am not afraid of them.
But I am kind of creeped out by people who are afraid of trees.

Be wary the creatures that fly

Creep Factor

Real life angry birds.

The Walking Dead lulz

Season 3 brings about many changes for Rick and the gang.
For starters, no more "Where's Carl" jokes.
This season is all about "Carl humping stuff".

Maggie is gonna "Thriller" dance now in every episode:

And Rick is gonna have to learn to shut up and listen.
Check out this video The Roman found:

The Dead Walk Again

Creep Factor


Hands down one of the greatest TV shows of all time.
Certainly the best TV show about Zombies.
Season 3 Premieres tonight with the Episode "Seed".
(Click each pic for a different trailer.)

Let's face it folks, The Roman is the #1 Fan of the Walking Dead comicbook.
If it wasn't for him, I would have been in the dark about all things Walking Dead.
And it is due to The Roman that I was able to meet the creator, Robert Kirkman, this year at Comic Con.
Here is a picture of us with him (The Roman is the photobombing blur)

So from The Roman comes this badass picture!
The cover of The Walking Dead issue #106.
(Click to Enlarge)

Think you know Zombie movies?
Test your knowledge here:

The Fall Winds are here

Creep Factor

That scene from Halloween 3: Season of the Witch

Let's face it, almost all of the Halloween's after Halloween 2 suck (not counting the Rob Zombie remakes).
Halloween 3 is really rather stupid.
But that scene where the family is watching TV....
Fucking Gross.
To this day, that still creeps me out:


Kat Dennings:



(Good Kitty)

What's in the Box?

Creep Factor


This movie is a masterpiece.
The ending is brilliant and horrifying.
But what really makes this movie disturbing is Kevin Spacey as "John Doe".
He performance is downright scary because he seems so normal and yet so profoundly a evil fucking genius.

Click This for a Treat

The last thing I'll see before I die...a nipple ring, I hope.

HAPPY 10-11-12

Creep Factor

The Ring
One of the few examples of the remake being better than the original.
This movie delivers some real scares.
Plus the look and feel of the movie very creepy.


From The Roman

Click to Watch:

The Soup goes all The Walking Dead...again.
If you missed it last night, it will be posted on their YouTube channel next week.


From Operative X

The true gall of these hypocrites is unreal:

Another reason why it pays to be rich in America:


Did you catch the new South Park last night?


The Vice Presidential Debate is tonight.
Click this to see more on how Paul Ryan is preparing:


The John Dies At The End movie has released a new poster.
Click to enlarge:

ihatepeacocks.com will be hosting a JDATE party to celebrate the VOD release on 12/27

And in honor of "This book is full of spiders..." I made this:


Prometheus was released on DVD this week.
Collider has a great breakdown of all the different versions with all the special features.
But if you are still not sure if you want to own it, watch this "Honest Trailer".
It should help clear up any doubts (It is filled with SPOILERS)

Homemade lulz

My stomach is a factory of pain

Creep Factor

Tim Burton's Sleepy Hollow.
IMO, this is the last really good Tim Burton movie.
It captures everything Hallowwen should be.
We have a family tradition at my house.
When we carve pumpkins, we watch this in the background to set the tone.

Debate on this!

In honor of presidential debate that took place exactly one week ago today,
here is a video you will be happy you watched:

If it's the last thing I will do
I'll be the one who escapes from Hellview

Creep Factor

Gene Wilder's Willy Wonka.
First off, The Time Burton/Johnny Depp version of Willy Wonka just didn't do it for me.
 It fell flat, as do most Tim Burton movies lately, because Johnny Depp came across as faking it.
Willy Wonka is supposed to be a little nuts.
Gene Wilder's Willy Wonka is pure batshit evil genius crazy.
You get the feeling after watching for 20 minutes that he isn't acting.
And given the choice, he'd kill the shitty kids that didn't listen to him for the lulz.
That's sick & creepy and I love it!

This may be the funniest video teh internets has ever made:

Around The Horn

From Operative X

"Our products are so good, they'll knock you out!‏"

"A bigot on the Big Court...‏"

"Another reason the GOP wants to go back to the 1950s...‏"

It was only a matter of Gangnam time...‏

Biggest heist in Canadian history...solved!‏

From The Roman

Peyton Manning Takes to Facebook.
Click this pic to read a lot more...

From Darth Tom

From nosajmunson

Key and Peele continue to crack me the fuck up.
Check out their take on dubstep:

I'd contribute to this:

I am going, are you?

Another week is upon us, blah blah blah

Creep Factor

Personally, I love Clowns.
But I guess some people find them scary.
Click this picture and you tell me, is this scary:

Here is yet another reason why no one should hate clowns.
Click this:

Coming Up This Week

We've got a lot of stuff coming up this week.
We've got a grip of Around the Horn goodies from Operative X, The Roman and the rest of the gang.
We've got a whole bunch of new "Creep Factors".
We got an "Attack of the Random" coming up and a nice dose of "Suck my LULZ".
And of course, boobs:

Dogs & Cats living together, MASS HYSTERIA!

Creep Factor


Star Wars LULZ


They lure you with cuteness then feast upon your flesh

Creep Factor

The Internet's Obsession with Cats.
Sure, we all joke about it. But you have to admit, it is kind of weird.
Imagine if there was some evil behind it?
Like, every time you see a picture of a cat, a piece of your soul is eaten by cat-like demons.
And one day, when you've seen one too many cat pictures, you die?!!
But your soul is cursed to be chewed upon by these cat-like demons for all of time.
Oh well! Here, enjoy some cute cat pictures...

I'm The Superbeast

Creep Factor

Rob Zombie Films.
All of his films have something to offer the modern horror fan.
They've got gore, insane killers, grindhouse style and Sheri Moon Zombie.

Click this to check out the trailer for the newest Rob Zombie movie:

And click this for fun:


Today's Song of the Day is for you,
This is the "WOOOOOO" song:

Creep Factor

American Politics.
What the fuck has happened to our political system?
This is what we have been reduced to:

(Mad props to fellow traveler Joel A. for this quote!)

By the way, Jim Lehrer, you are the worst debate moderator....ever!
(Click above to see all of our memes on the debates)

Look, there is no way in hell I'd vote for Romney or any Republican at this point.
But come on Obama. Stand up and fight!
You have done some seriously fucked up shit in the past 3.5 years that has pissed me off (NDAA 2012 anyone).
But I'd rather see you in the Oval Office for the next 4 years then the 1% Android that is Romney.
I know he will fuck up the country more, but with you at least there is still a chance to get something done right.
The election is not in the bag. And if you want to win, you gotta fight for it.
Become Luther Goddamn it! Be like this:

Not like this:

(OK, giving the 1st lady sweet loving is good, but save some Mojo for the debates!)

Oh, Mit Romney, let me just say...You're a fucking asshole.
Want kind of a douche bag shit-lipped goat fucker would get rid of PBS & Sesame Street?
You know you won't personally profit from firing Big Bird right?


Did you catch the new South Park?

This is all I have to say about last night's awesome episode:

Cooking Pancakes for the Peeps!

In honor of the Presidential Debate tonight, here is our video of the day:

Creepy Factor

This website is a true treasure trove of creepy, scary and fucked up images.
it is updated daily, so be sure to check out them out often:

Nerd Girl of the Day:

I met Buellher at Comic Con this year and that was very rad.
Be Sure to Check Out Her her Tumblr Blog.


Creepy Factor

First there was John Dies At The End.
Now today, the sequel has been unleashed upon the world:

David Wong is a funny author, but he also manages to create some really fucked up creepy situations.
I am looking forward to reading it as I got my copy today.
But I am worried about the consequences:


Every Song Of The Day this month will be from my "Halloween Hoe Down" playlist.
Songs that are just ripe with ghosts, goblins and rock.

Creepy Factor

Everyday this month, we will highlight a different movie/tv show/website/etc that exudes that
creepy-scary feeling that makes October so much fun to us.

Let's start with the internet phenomenon known as CreepyPasta.
What is CreepyPasta you say?

There are quite a few sites out there that showcase some scary stuff.
Here are my 2 of my favorites:


Creepypasta Wiki

There are so many different creepy-pastas out there.
In 2012, The Slender Man has been all over the internets.
But, here are two of my personal favorites.
Click the pics to read the full stories:

I have seen the True Face of Evil

Meanwhile in EPIC and UNEXPECTED news...

Click this to read the Official Release from Disney:

I am apprehensive. I have many questions and TONS of smart ass comments:

I have things I'd love to see and things I fear happening.
I don't want to see stuff like this:

I want to see new stuff that elevates the old stuff to new levels:

But I am going to try and stay positive about this until I see the new stuff.
Which brings up my next point...
While the Internet is a flutter about what this could mean, and boy this will sucks, and Disney will ruin it further, blah blah,
I think people are missing the Bigger Point here:

There are some fears that are seeded in our DNA



Sure, butterflies are pretty. Lady Bugs are cute.
And yes, life as we know it would end without bees.
But I have a simple policy:
Anything with more than 4 legs needs to DIE!
If it were up to me, I would invent a pulse rifle (like Drake's Gun in Aliens) that shot mini thermonuclear bullets.
I'd then fly around on my sealed hover bubble destroying everything that exceeds my leg count rule.
Starting with the Goliath Bird Eating Spider!!!!
So if there is a 5 legged dog or some Siamese Twins reading this, relax.
I'll spare you till the end!!!

Operative X found proof that the 8 legged freaks know of my plan and are trying to stop me:

A mighty wind is blowing...

First off, we wish everyone well on the East Coast, especially those in the ihatepeacocks extended family.
We realize this storm is pretty bad, maybe even the worst on record,
but that doesn't mean we can't have some fun with it.

This storm is so bad, Obama has had to call in some unlikely help:

To our East Coast friends and family, be safe and try to stay dry.
This is just the beginning of the storm.
It is probably going to get worse before it gets better:

Amazingly, thousands of people thought this picture was real:

(It's from the Day After The Day of Tomorrow's Yesterday or whatever the fuck it's called)

As expected, Bags of Right Wing Dicks are coming out of the
woodworks to tell us gays caused this storm:

Then, there is this theory:

If you want to get a ticket to a Broadway Show, now is the time:

And on a serious note, there are some incredible people doing incredible things to help out other people:

Here is something that hits the nail on the head:

The evil that men do lives after them;
The good is oft interred with their bones.



What scares me is not the end of the world by zombies or a plague or by nuclear war.
What scares me is surviving the end of world.
When removed from civility, mankind reverts to a savage survivalism by means of barbaric and evil actions.
There is no better example of this than William Golding's allegorical novel Lord of the Flies.

Some great cinematic examples of this are
28 Days Later, The Road, The Book of Eli, The Walking Dead and The Divide:

In order to survive in a world after our modern society has ended, you have to become a savage.
In order to protect your loved ones, you have to become a monster.
You would have to treat everyone as a threat and be ready to kill them without hesitation.
For all my high & mighty ideals for a just and equal society, I know with 100% certainty
that I could become that monster.
And that scares me more than any horror movie ever could.

On a lighter note...

The Roman found this video and it is fucking awesome, a real political game changer.
If you are thinking about voting for Obama but you're worried that the Zombie Apocalypse
will never happen under his watch, you need to watch this video, it might just make you vote for ZOMNEY:

In New York, street art has been asking peeps to vote with their gum.
Let's check the results:


This is how I feel about most days, not just Mondays:


Click this pic to see a SAFE FOR WORK picture of amazing sexiness:

I live in the weak and the wounded

Creep Factor

One of the best creepy movies ever made. It plays on your fears and let's you imagine the worst
without showing you too much.
But in the end, when everything is revealed, the worst is pretty bad.
The acting is really good, IMO. But the real star of the movie is The Danvers State Insane Asylum.
A real life abandoned mental hospital.
The imagery of this movie does far more to creep you out than just about anything the actors do...almost anything.


\ From The Roman /

Grab those White Sheets cause its GOP party Time:


\ Random Shit from nosajmunson(me) /

$20 Bucks says somone somewhere will dress up as this for Halloween.
Watch the internets, trust me:


Careful on the roads:


And for the lulz


Creep Factor

Vintage Halloween Costumes

Call me old fashioned, but these costumes seem way more scary than the average shit
you see in stores now-a-days.

RyCon introduces Polytrick$

RyCon uses his talent to create a new site with the purpose of opening your eyes. Click this:

There is also a new Facebook page to go with the website. Click this to check it out and LIKE it!

Operative X is on the Attack!

A lot of bullshit has gone on in the world in the past week.
Operative X wants to make sure you are aware of what is going on around.

"Response to Coulter from a man with Downs‏"

"Can the real Batshit people please stand up?‏
Ah, we now get to the reality of how those GOP psychos think, and therefore how they vote

"Who needs the EPA, or FDA, or state inspection-health codes, etc.? They just hurt business…And kill people:"

"Do you know what happens if there is a tie in the Electoral College?
It goes to the new House of Representatives in Jan. 2013 who will vote by state (one vote per state, not per Rep!)
And the Senate decides the VP. Imagine a Romney/Biden ticket. Popular vote plays NOTHING into the election at this point.
But I don’t think it goes that far.
I see Obama taking Iowa, possibly Colorado, and maybe Nevada as well as Virginia.
I think North Carolina and Florida go GOP, as does Indiana
(while NH and MI, both strong libertarian-type states, still stay Blue).
If Obama loses OH, he’d need CO, NV, and IA to cover a win 272-266."

"Here's something not so funny (not so new, and not so unexpected anymore)...As if we didn't know - but maybe someone will notice - hopefully enough to make a difference if/when (?) push comes to shove in this election."

"Romney Polling Better with Women....REALLY?
Is the polling stupid?
You know, as SNL put it re: polls and Romney –

'he still has a lead over Obama from those voters dumb enough to answer their landline when an unknown caller pops up.'
Between this and the Gallup poll, is this actually true,
or is it media whitewashing to create a story considering Romney’s spin on momentum?
I just hope it’s BS, and that my hope isn’t wishful thinking. I don’t think I could take 4 years of gloating from the GOP if Romney wins, or worse than that, the country spiraling out of control

Forget Politics, Mother Nature is out to screw you too:

They've come to witness the Beginning.
The rebirth of Paradise, despoiled by mankind.


It's no big secret that I am big Silent Hill Fan.
Silent Hill: Revelation 3D opens todays, so let's celebrate.

 As of Yesterday, the ihatepeacocks.com command center is now officially in Silent Hill!

Silent Hill: The Games

I love Silent Hill.
The original game is the only game that has ever actually creeped me the fuck out.
After playing Silent Hill 2 the first time thru, I refused to play it again unless all of the lights were on.
Silent Hill 3 took it to a whole new level when Pyramid Head decided to hold Rape Time at the mall.
Silent Hill 4 was eerie to the point where when playing it, if I heard a noise outside,
I'd go get an axe and keep it next to my on the couch.
One thing that adds to the creepy is the music.
Akira Yamaoka is an amazing composer that helps set the tone of this hellish gaming experience.
It makes me wonder if he is from Hell and he is just playing us the songs of his people.

The Silent Hill Movies:

The first Silent Hill was OK. The visuals were great but the story was forced.
I am excited to see the new one this weekend.


We've got new stuff from RyCon that will open your mind and Op X goes on the attack with a weelky round up of news.
Plus I'll have some funny pics and stuff cuz I like laughs and stuff.
To tide you over, here is a Charlie Sheen cooking show I think you should watch:

I've got a message for you and you're not gonna like it

Creep Factor

John Carpenter's Apocalypse Trilogy
The Thing
The Prince of Darkness
In the Mouth of Madness

Three deeply disturbing movies from one of my favorite director's of all time.
Each taps into something deep within our psyche.
The Thing is about Paranoia, Xenophobia and fear of the flesh. 
In The Prince of Darkness, science is used to discover & then prove that evil is very, very real.
And In the Mouth of Madness asks if you lost your mind, how would you know it?
Click each pic below for a treat.

(Click this for a treat)

Did you watch TV last night?

South Park pulled off the best cartoon parody of The Shining I've seen this month.
Which is nice because it starts to make up for that SHIT Butters episode last week.

As always, Key & Peele was fucking awesome.

It simultaneously rained and snowed last night at my house.

Natrually, I had to submerge myself in Dirty Epic

Only 1 week until Halloween.
Time to kick things into high gear.

Creep Factor


I got on a Star Trek kick and decided to make some stuff.
Bitches Love Logic:


Here, watch some videos...

Click to Watch:

Here is a quick & dirty video I threw together for a song I made a couple years back
as kind of a tribute to Session 9 and Prince of Darkness.
Click to watch/listen:


The new iPad Mini was announced today.
It's just like the iPad 4 that was also announced today, but smaller.
And it's just like the iPhone 5 that was announced last month, only bigger and it can't make calls...yet.

I think it is a bit pricey:

So naturally, The Cult of Apple has gone into over drive.
Here is a cartoon on how The Cult of Apple Works in a situation like this:

I just want this election season to be over already!

Creep Factor

Foot Fetishes

Serisouly, this creeps me the fuck out!
I personally don't see how ANYONE could get sexual turned on my someones foot.

Presidential Debate Season 2012 finally comes to a close

Here comes Mittens Cottontail.
Hopping down the campaign trail.
Flippity Floppity on every single detail:

Obviously, geography is NOT a Republican Core Value:

Here is my favorite Tweet about the debate last night and it is a very vaild point:

Here is a candidate I'd vote for in a heartbeat:

Our man RyCon made this is response to Romney's classic quote from the campaign trail:

We here at ihatepeacocks.com have a rule.
We DON'T use the "R" word because we find it to be degrading and offensive.
The Roman, Operative X and I all feel the same on this topic.
And we do not tolerate it.

Ann Coulter "Tweeted" this last night:

So, to Ann Coulter, this is what we have to say:


Suck my lulz!

(I fucking love her blue version of these glasses)

Agent Scully has nice things to say about my penis

Less than 2 months from the Mayan Doomsday!

Creep Factor

Planet of the Vampires

This movie was lightyears ahead of its time.
It was graphic and gory (for 1965).
It was kind of scary, certainly creepy and has a shock the hell out of you ending.
And it is also safe to say that this is the basis for the Alien franchise:


From The Roman

Where is Community?
Wasn't it supposed to be back on by now?
Well, click this to watch a video explaining why it's not back and the power of OCTOBER 19th:


Did you catch The Walking Dead last night?
Good stuff.

Click this to enlarge:


This makes more sense then most of the movie:


I love a good Star Wars Car Wash:

A Sunday nowadays means Zombies on the TV

Creep Factor

The Burbs

OK, so it's not the scariest movie out there.
But it is a damn fun movie for the Halloween season.
And those Klopeks would make for some creepy neighbors.

There is nothing wrong with doing something good for someone else

Republicans are attacking the Soup Kitchen in Youngstown Ohio that
Paul Ryan faked his "charity photo op" because they told the press that
the entire situation was staged. Now, thank to Tea Party badgering, numerous donors have pulled their funding.
This makes me sick.
I have personally donated to this Soup Kitchen as well as the Marian House in Colorado Springs.
Please click this to read a more eloquently written article on the subject.
There are links where you can go and donate directly to them:

Just some reminders....

I'd love to spend a day as a statue

Creep Factor

The Original Twilight Zone

After 50+ years, this show is still relevant and powerful.
But it is also down right creepy at times.
Some of the best episodes deal the inhumanity of mankind, paranoia, xenophobia,
the end of the world by nuclear holocaust or aliens or plague,
or even a creepy little doll killing an abusive stepfather.

Caturday Bitches!