I Really Do Hate Peacocks

This is a Peacock.

I hate Peacocks!

Peacocks Are Evil

Beware for they will eat your Children

I scared the piss out of this peacock, literally!

Naturally then I hate anything or anyone that associates with peacocks

 Stupid Ass Birds

Did you know that they come in Albino too?

The Double Whammy

Movie & Board Game characters

And therefore this shirt

Fuck you NBC

I don't know what I dislike more:
This poodle dressed up like a peacock
or the sick bastards that dressed it that way.

I love breasts. I love nipples.
I love burlesque, I love nipple pasties.
But peacock nipple pasties.
You have gone too far!

Peacock Fashion

Peacock Goggles
See the world thru the eyes of a peacock
Try them on and you too can look like a tool

Did you know that other creatures in nature that bare the name peacock
Fuck them too!

peacock Spider

peacock Bass

Cheesy 80's music?
Look at this D-bag.
Even if his name wasn't peacock, he'd still suck

Promising College Hoops Star?
Zach Peacock is just a pawn being used by the filthy peacock empire 
to help overthrow mankind.
Poor diluted bastard doesn't even know it.

Look at this lamp.
Not only is it frickin' weird
but you just know that some crazy old cat lady has it in her living room.