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So much Underworld news to share

Click the Underworld banner above to check out the revamped Underworld site.
It is fantastic and filled with music, art, photos and bliss.
It is the best version of their site to date!


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Here is some juicy good news.
2 new(ish) Underworld Albums:

"This revisited Anthology has been refreshed with more material to
go some way to complete the picture of the first two decades of Underworld"
1992 - 2012 Anthology
Big Mouth (CD1) - Mmm Skyscrapper I Love You (CD1) - Rez (CD1) - Cowgirl (CD1) - Spikee (CD1)
- Dirty Epic (CD1) - Dark And Long (Dark Train) (CD1)
Born Slippy (CD2) - Pearls Girl (CD2) - Jumbo (CD2) - 8Ball (CD2) - Moaner (CD2) - Two Months Off (CD2) -
To Heal (CD2) - Crocodile (CD2) - Scribble (CD2)
The Hump (Bonus) - Big Meat Show (Bonus) - Minneapolis (Bonus) - Why Why Why (Bonus) - Oich Oich (Bonus) -
Second Hand (Bonus) - Parc (Bonus) - Simple Peal (Bonus) - Jal To Tokyo (Bonus)

"A Collection features edited highlights for those who prefer things short, sweet and to the point."
A Collection

- Bebop Hurry (Edit) - Scribble (Edit) - The First Note Is Silent (Edit) - Downpipe (Edit)
- To Heal (Edit) - Crocodile (Edit) - Two Months Off (Edit) - Jumbo (Edit)
- Born Slippy (Edit) - Pearls Girl (Edit) - Dark and Long (Dark Train) 2011 edit
- Mmm Skyscraper I Love you 2011 edit - Cowgirl (Edit) - Rez 2011 edit
- King Of Snake (Edit) - Moaner (Edit)


Also be sure to check out the new Art section of UnderworldLive.

Italy tastes good

on the road south from seattle...he never let on...i mean the whole time...he's been hiding in there for the last 2 hours

trying to get some space


Ibiza 2010

Underworld's Las Vegas Gig was Fantastic.
Not only was it a great show, but we met everyone from the band.
Totally by accident.
Here are some pictures and videos for you to enjoy.

Can you see us in the crowd?

August 6, 2009
@ The Joint, in Las Vegas, NV

This one is going to be a religious experience

Always Loved a Film (2008 Live Version)

the rhythm of dust, the rhythm of rust, the sun on broken glass
wrapped in metal, wrapped in stone, the love you scratched on a valley wall
the light that hides behind black glasses
sunlight hits everyone she passes

Sounding like a chainsaw, tiny firecrackers

Ride the Train
(dark train)
Ride the Train

08-07 Karl and I

08-11 Peace

Karl Hyde asks "is that you?"

Underworld, live in Central Park 9-14-2007
photo by Redboy
click the pic to see more photos by Redboy from this show.


A video I threw together. Ghetto Low Tech, but fun.